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Whether this month’s PS Plus matches have pushed you over the border again you are not alone. 500GB, that sounded like such a wealth of space when you first opened your PS4, is currently full every couple weeks. Plus it’s not going to get any simpler. If E3 2017 has taught us anything it is that we’re likely to require a lot more distance before the year is out. The upcoming games before Christmas alone will probably be catastrophic in regards to bytes. Assassin’s Creed Origins… Wolfenstein 2… And do not even start us on how much space Destiny 2 will take up.

It is time for a new PS4 hard drive and the great thing is that you don’t have to go anywhere near a screwdriver. Update 4.50 added USB storage capabilities and that means All you need to do is hook up a 1TB box, browse our useful guide about the best way to use an external hard disk drive for prolonged storage in your PS4 and you have literally just slowed the storage of a 500GB system. But that is the best hard drive for PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro?


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Don’t be worried should youn’t wish to plug in anything keep things pure, you may still replace the internal hard disk with no fuss. We have got a full collection of the most effective internal hard drives below to scratch your DIY itch. All 3 PS4s take a laptop size 2.5″ drive, it is easy to do, and, above all, it will render the console’s mill guarantee completely undamaged. Here is the way to improve your PS4 hard drive or how to update and change your PS4 Pro hard disk.

So now you simply need to select the best hard drive for your situation.

We have navigated the Data Storage Seas and have hauled in a fresh catch of the absolute best PlayStation 4 hard drive upgrades available. No matter your budget, knowledge degree or reason for upgrading, we’ve got the solution you want.

Update your PS4’s hard drive without losing any info

Ok, it’s expensive but if you want to up your loading rates, an SSD is an excellent choice. This is smallest option on the listing if you’re concerned about size and also the quickest. You can grab the 500GB model for a reasonable price (such as an SSD), but if you crave more storage there are seriously expensive 1TB and 2TB models available

Increase your storage with this ridiculously well priced 2TB offering from Seagate. It’s slick, slender and also you can get versions all of the way up to 3TB and 4TB in the event you truly need to push out the boat. There is no need for any mains cables either, simply plug and play, and USB 3.0 will keep matters moving speedily.

Twist in this slick little number, which will happily fit your PS4, forget it is there and then bask in the all the bytes you’ve now got free. Cheap, cheerful and so much storage