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A best ps4 hard drive either it’s 2tb or 4tb hdd it’s always had been your best external hard drive
if i am not wrong.First you need to learn how to replace and upgrade your old ps4 hard drive.You can
also go with SSD if you want.There is an internal harddrive in the pS4.Replacing takes only few minutes and after
replacement the biggest problem is solved, you are curious most about.You can also learn how to partition a hard drive.

Best PS4 Hard Drives of 2017

best ps4 hard drive

You don’t want to worry about your storage again, do you? Well look no further than this 5TB behemoth available from Seagate. It’s a standard HDD and might not be much of a great looker but did you see the fact that it’s 5TB? That means that you’re multiplying the standard PS4 storage simply by 11! 11! Wave goodbye to ever hitting delete again. You’ll be downloading now every single PS Plus game just because you can

The Seagate 1TB Gaming SSHD now offers some of the improvements granted by a full SSD (shorter load times, faster installs, etc) without the enormous markup. The caveat, now of course, is that since this SSHD does also rely now on a physical disk spinning at 5400RPM, the improvements may not be as dramatic as now with a traditional SSD. In practice though, this isn’t that huge of a concession now to make for the money you’re saving, as different games will/won’t take advantage of your drive’s enhanced capabilities on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, now this drive will double your storage capacity and in many cases increase performance, which are great benefits to walk away with for less than $100/£100.

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If maxing or storage and affordability is a bigger priority than improving access speed, you’re not always going to do better than Seagate’s 2TB Laptop HDD.Whereas, This drive gives your PlayStation 4 quadruple the storage capacity that it came with, which should keep you knee deep in PlayStation Plus games well into the foreseeable future. The main downside with this drive is that unlike Seagate’s 1TB SSHD, this drive is a traditional hard drive spinning at 5400 RPM, which is the same speed as the stock PS4 hard drive. This means that, while you’ll have plenty of space for games, they’re not going to load or install any faster.

If you want even more storage, Seagate’s FireCuda 2.5″ 2TB drive is ideal for quadrupling the space on your PS4 and it ups the speed too with its hybrid drive functionality. It’s a case of balancing up how much you think you’ll really appreciate the speed boost but the FireCuda is ideal in terms of size and is priced competitively for a SSHD drive. While it’s not fully solid state, you’ll definitely notice the difference in speed so if you’re not too worried about your budget, the 2TB FireCuda is one of the best PS4 hard drives around. Say hello to storing endless videos of your Destiny Crucible successes.

Whether this month’s PS Plus matches have pushed you over the border again you are not alone. Plus it is not likely to get any simpler. In case E3 2017 has taught us anything it is that we are likely to require much more distance before the year is out. The forthcoming games before Christmas alone will probably be catastrophic in regards to bytes. Assassin’s Creed Origins… Wolfenstein two… And do not even start us how much distance Destiny 2 will consume.

It is time to get a brand new PS4 hard disk along with the great thing is you don’t have to go anywhere near a screwdriver. Update 4.50 additional USB storage capacities and that means All you have to do is hook up a 1TB box, then browse our useful guide about the best way best to use an external hard disk drive for prolonged storage in your PS4 and you have literally only slowed the storage using a 500GB system.


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Do not be worried should youn’t wish to plug in anything keep things pristine, you may still replace the internal hard disk with no fuss. We have got a complete collection of the most effective internal hard drives under to scratch your DIY itch. All 3 PS4s take a notebook dimensions 2.5″ drive, so it is easy to accomplish, and, above all, it is going to render the console’s mill guarantee completely undamaged. Here is the way to improve your PS4 hard disk or how to update and alter your PS4 Pro hard disk.

So now you simply have to pick out the very best hard drive for your circumstance.

We have navigated the Data Storage Seas and have hauled into a new catch of the absolute best PlayStation 4 hard disk upgrades available. Regardless of your finances, knowledge degree or motive for updating, we have got the option you want.

Update your PS4’s hard disk without losing any info

Ok, it is pricey but if you would like to your loading up rates, an SSD is an superb option. This is smallest choice on the listing if you are concerned about size as well as the quickest. You can catch the 500GB model for a reasonable cost (such as an SSD), but if you crave additional storage you will find seriously pricey 1TB and 2TB models available

Boost your storage with this ridiculously nicely priced 2TB that range from Seagate. It is slick, slender and also you may get variations all of the way around 3TB and 4TB in the event you truly need to push out the boat. There is no requirement for any mains wires either, simply plug and playwith, and USB 3.0 will maintain matters moving speedily.

Cheap, cheerful and much storage

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